The Big Night


The 305 – A Miami Themed 25th Anniversary Social
December 2023

The 305 – A Miami Themed 25th Anniversary

Ride the waves of glamour, straight from Miami! We recreated the perfect tropical haven for a fun-loving couple from Miami city celebrating their 25th Anniversary in Dubai! From venue selection, creative ideation, decor production to event-day management we provided the couple with all the luxuries for their milestone celebration!

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Anissa & Aniss’s Beach Engagement Wedding
December 2023

Anissa & Aniss’s Beach Engagement

Wrapping the sunset in a capsule for our special couple's engagement party by the beach. What's better than Dubai in the winter with the golden hour to cast it's halo on this larger than life celebration!

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Diwali Dynasty Social
November 2023

Diwali Dynasty

This Diwali, celebrate life The Big Night style! Inspired by royal princesses and a lifestyle beyond luxury, we create world of sophisticated drama for our clients! For this house party, we transformed their villa into an oasis where the pool releases fireworks while a goddess floats away in her glistening lotus.

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Beyond Burlesque – A 40th Birthday Extravaganza Birthday
August 2023

Beyond Burlesque – A 40th Birthday Extravaganza

Transforming a ballroom into the streets of Paris! An ensemble of international artists from all over the globe flew down to Chennai, India to deliver 30 unique acts transcending the attendees beyond burlesque! From a kinetic light show to champagne dripping aerial acts, we kept the guests on their toes with unpredictable entertainment acts!

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Electric Euphoria – A Graduation After-party Social
June 2023

Electric Euphoria – A Graduation After-party

We're not shy of showing our punk! Imagine walking into an event pulled straight out of a neon jungle layered with disco balls and a plethora of tinsel! After all, we had to create a graduation party like no other!

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He or She? – A Grand Gender Reveal Social
May 2023

He or She? – A Grand Gender Reveal

He or She, what will baby be? With only 6 days to plan this special gender reveal we accessorized this intimate occasion with details of baby blue and pastel pink set in an enchanted garden. From personalized games to flower shaped candy floss, this event was a treat for kids and adults alike!

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An Enchanting Eid! Social
April 2023

An Enchanting Eid!

A Magical Eid Extravaganza for Kids! Step into a world of enchantment as we present our dazzling Eid celebration designed exclusively for children! Immerse yourself in a dreamy palette of white and gold, where every detail sparkles with joy and wonder.

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Moonrise Wedding
March 2023


A wedding under the starry night sky. We embraced a unique venue in the desert by adding allure to it in the form of shimmering décor and glowing hand painted UV acts. We aimed to deliver a love story of two people born on the same day, coming together in a place where the universe doesn't feel so far away!

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Beauty and the Majesty Birthday
January 2023

Beauty and the Majesty

A fairytale birthday celebration! An enchanting horse show to steal your breath away, enhanced with timeless white and gold décor to make the evening transcendent! We introduced elegance and simplicity to a beautiful polo field with galloping horses dancing to a crescendo revealing a majestic horse as a birthday gift.

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Love Punk Social
January 2023

Love Punk

A celebration full of love and beyond! For our client's 25th Anniversary we created an extraordinary chandelier, dripped in grandeur and linked with individual pieces of crystals. The beauty of the event doesn't just please the eyes, we topped it up with the best acts to entertain the guests and submerge them in our Love Punk potion!

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Roberto’s NYE Social
December 2022

Roberto’s NYE

We brought in 2023 with The Greatest Show! For Roberto's New Year's Eve celebration we were inspired by The Greatest Showman and brought to life the grandeur of theater and flair of it's artists. From classic musicians to an immersive ambiance of glamorous reds and gold, our guests welcomed 2023 standing on a red carpet sipping away cocktails like in a movie scene!

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Hanalina’s Sweet 16th Birthday
November 2022

Hanalina’s Sweet 16th

A night of Hollywood dreams! For our birthday girl's special wrap party we designed an evening of awards with a customized murder mystery! Staged with professional actors and enhanced with thematic decor we let her guests indulge in bringing their characters to life.

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A Bold Bash Birthday
September 2022

A Bold Bash

Who says turning older has to be boring? Not us! We designed a bold 50th birthday celebration in Dubai decked in luxurious gold and black décor enhanced with glorious entertainment and exceptional attention to detail.

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A Cloudy Rave Birthday
June 2022

A Cloudy Rave

When a client craves a rave, we make sure The Big Night gave him one!

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A Ying Yang Soirée Social
May 2022

A Ying Yang Soirée

An exclusive black and white themed night

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A Boho 40th Birthday
April 2022

A Boho 40th

A boho style 40th birthday. Raw, wild & free

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Roberto’s – A 10th Year Anniversary Corporate
March 2022

Roberto’s – A 10th Year Anniversary

Celebrating a decade's legacy in true style!

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Into The Void Social
March 2022

Into The Void

This was a 4-time awarding winning event where we elevated events to a whole new level. We had skydivers jumping 5,000 ft over the event from Ain Dubai with 20m fireworks on them showcasing how life is limitless!

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Ann & John’s Wedding Wedding
March 2022

Ann & John’s Wedding

A beautiful, one of a kind all black themed event at Address Montgomerie

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Entrepreneur’s Organization – Global Chapters President’s Meet – Ajman 2022 Corporate
March 2022

Entrepreneur’s Organization – Global Chapters President’s Meet – Ajman 2022

Putting up a great show for Entrepreneurs Organizations's Chapter President's across the globe.

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Dani’s 40th Disco! Social
February 2022

Dani’s 40th Disco!

A 40th birthday in a true 80's style!

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Roberto’s – A Valentines Affair Corporate
February 2022

Roberto’s – A Valentines Affair

Making Valentines Day as special it can be for one of the most iconic restaurants in Dubai

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A Night at the Oscars! Social
February 2022

A Night at the Oscars!

When you want to feel like a celebrity, why not party at the Oscars!

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A Blushed Wedding Wedding
January 2022

A Blushed Wedding

Done with a touch of boho chic - A Blushed Wedding

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Say “I Do” Wedding
January 2022

Say “I Do”

Set on the backdrop of Burj Al Arab, a proposal like no other

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A Night at the Opera 2.0 Birthday
December 2021

A Night at the Opera 2.0

An extravagant immersive birthday celebration that was showcased on Bravo Tv's show Real Housewives of Dubai! We designed this event inside a private farm house featuring international pop star Sasy, over 30 unique entertainment acts and much more. This Big Night was surely one to remember with an unique world that made guests travel as soon as they walked in. Step into A Night at the Opera 2.0

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My Little Pony Birthday
November 2021

My Little Pony

A very special birthday for a very precious little one who loves her little pony! We took the pony theme to a whole new level!

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A Gold Odyssey Birthday
October 2021

A Gold Odyssey

A Gold Odyssey for a special client at The Taj Dubai

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A Privileged Affair Social
October 2021

A Privileged Affair

A corporate social for YPO in Dubai. Themed as Back to Life, we created experiences that projected glimpses of how life and loved ones are so important.

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Frozen Heart Social
October 2020

Frozen Heart

A magical, snowy, Frozen inspired birthday for a very special 5 year old girl. Princesses, magicians and mascots were immersed throughout the fantasy night.

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DGCX – DMCC 15th Year Anniversary Corporate
November 2020

DGCX – DMCC 15th Year Anniversary

An annual staff gala dinner for DGCX 15th year anniversary. A night filled with appreciation, gratitude and lots of conversations.

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La Dolce Arabia Social
February 2020

La Dolce Arabia

A glamorous VIP 25th wedding anniversary filled with a 9 meter mirror tunnel, aerial musicians, a customized sand show and much more.

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Disco Dazzle Social
February 2020

Disco Dazzle

It's Disco Dazzle time! A unique disco theme party for a very special 40th birthday!

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The Next Level Corporate
February 2020

The Next Level

An exclusive YPO social event filled with energetic contortionists, mesmerizing cocktails and a live band.

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Love & You – A Sunset Wedding Wedding
January 2020

Love & You – A Sunset Wedding

A mesmerizing beach wedding celebration set against the backdrop of Palm Jumeirah.

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The Venetian Ball Social
November 2019

The Venetian Ball

A 60th birthday Venetian experience transported our guests back in time to the most glorious Venetian ball

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All That Jazz Corporate
March 2019

All That Jazz

A night under the stars transporting guests back in time to New Orleans. A life size street car, private mixologists and much more to celebrate a jazz night to remember.

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A Night To Remember Social
January 2019

A Night To Remember

A 15th year wedding anniversary extravaganza set on the exclusive Palm Jumeriah in Dubai. A surprise flash mob, mirror bunny head and lamp lady kept the guests dancing on their feet late into the night.

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Eternal Lust Social
November 2018

Eternal Lust

A romantic private dinner celebration with an ethereal table set up, fresh rose tables and magical candle work.

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A Purposeful Life – YPO UAE Emirates & Gold Chapters Corporate
September 2018

A Purposeful Life – YPO UAE Emirates & Gold Chapters

A thought provoking, exclusive closing party for a YPO chapter in Dubai. Taking entrances to a whole new level as the hosts of the evening entered from the inside of the world famous aquarium! The night was filled with free diving mermaids, curated entertainment acts and food experiences like no other.

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Bonfire Breeze Corporate
December 2017

Bonfire Breeze

A VIP exclusive dinner experience set against a backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

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Rustic Elegance Wedding
November 2017

Rustic Elegance

A wedding celebration in a true boho, rustic style.

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The O Project Wedding
October 2017

The O Project

A masterpiece in design that transports our guests into a magical garden like never before.

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Athena Wedding
October 2017


An ethereal wedding theme that will literally make you walk on clouds.

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