The Big Night

Wall of Fame


Ja Rule, New Years Eve

The Big Night flew down one of the most popular rappers of all time for a private New Year’s Eve, 2022 celebration

Dubai, UAE

Akon, Into the Void

It’s your boy Akon and I was live at The Big Night, it was crazy bro, it was a crazy Big Night we had an amazing time. Hopefully I’ll see you next time. Peace.


Trey Songz, New Years Eve

There’s no company like The Big Night! This is Trey Songz endorsing, telling you that The Big Night is the only one to have if you want to have a big night!

Trey Songz
Dubai, UAE

Mona Kattan, Kayali Fragrance Launch

Thank you so much for everything my loves and for turning my imagination into reality. The best team ever! Love you.

Mona Kattan
Dubai, UAE

Kris Fade, Dubai Bling, Netflix

We are here at the Dubai Bling official press red carpet and The Big Night you guys did such an amazing job, Honestly,  you really did! As soon as I walked in I knew that this was world class so well done to you guys cause it was absolutely superb! You guys work together and you are husband and wife? WOW!

Kris Fade
Dubai, UAE

Tarun Tahiliani, Couture Private Showcase

Once again, it’s been wonderful because I’ve been in Dubai with Gauri Chadha. The event was amazing from choosing the hotel to finding different options for this beautiful tea service. It really withholds the brand in what they do so we will always work together.

Tarun Tahiliani

Saint Levant, New Years Eve

Saint Levant is a popular Palestinian & French artist who performed at a star studded New Years Eve celebration executed by The Big Night.

Dubai, UAE

Jessica Kahawaty, An Enchanted Garden

Guys, The Big Night just did the most incredible birthday surprise for me. Look at this! It’s like a flower butterfly wonderland, I’m in love with everything, and it was truly so magical. I’m so so grateful. Thank you, guys.

Jessica Kahawaty
Dubai, UAE

Sasy, A Night at the Opera 2.0

Working with Big Night Events was a fantastic experience! Very professional, caring, responsive and high attention to detail. One of the best experiences we’ve had partaking in an event in the Middle East.

Rafe Rafahi, Sasy's Manager
Dubai, UAE

DJ Behrouz, Into the Void

Hi everyone, this is Behrouz, I’m in Dubai celebrating the Cypher Capital event with the best Big Night! Thank you.

DJ Behrouz
Dubai, UAE

Jasmine Thompson, De Brabandt Foundation Gala

 The Big Night were incredible, amazing, everything went so smoothly. I felt so happy and safe. The Big Night provided a great night for everyone who was here!

Jasmine Thompson
Dubai, UAE

DJ Benny Demus, Into the Void

The Big Night Events and their staff were truly AMAZING to work with. They were on point, helpful, efficient, and timely, everyone had a great attitude and they got the job done. So many times u never get to hear about the ppl behind the big show but I would like to give my thanks and gratitude to The Big Night Events DMCC!!! Can’t wait to work with u guys again. Love to Guari, Elvy, Jo and everyone else on the team. #BennyDSaidIt #IAmTheWorldsMostEntertainingDJ #VirginIslanderLivingHisDream

DJ Benny Demus